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Noon - 4pm

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On one Saturday each Fall, the school community and its neighbors and friends come together to enjoy a traditional school carnival.  The school yard is transformed overnight, with a game booths and awesome rides appearing out of nowhere.  Games of skill and luck will give the children a chance to collect stamps that they can exchange for trinkets and treasures at our Prize Booth.  For weeks before the carnival, excitement is high among the kids, in anticipation of the prizes they plan to win this year.  There is plenty of good food to be had.  Families contribute yummy goodies to an old-fashioned Bake Sale & Cakewalk. The 6th grade families staff a concession stand in the gym with tons of goodies, food and drinks.  There is always plenty to do, from face painting and carnival games, to taking a hay-ride.  Perhaps most importantly, it is also a great chance for parents, neighbors and staff to visit an outside of school activity, and build up that community that makes Bedford Heights Elementary a special place that kids love! 


Please join us this year to celebrate over 40 years of excellence!


The Fall Carnival is hosted by the PTA, with volunteer effort from all parents, guardians and staff.


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