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Earth Week Creation Gallery

Sophia K.jpeg
Sophia K. - 3rd Grade
Earth day creation  made out of some clothes, papers, and some books.
Lilli Parker.jpg
Lilli P. - 4th Grade
Rubber band powered car. Made from water bottle, caps, and hangar.
Cora B. - 5th Grade
A Rube Goldberg machine made with all recycled materials! Roll the PVC pipe, it will knock down the board which will then hit the milk jug. The milk jug swings from a string, strikes the can which rolls and hits the battery. The battery falls into another can which pulls down a sign reading "love the Earth."
Cora B.jpg
Ella R. - 2nd Grade
Naia B. - 1st Grade
Trash City! A city diorama made of all recycled materials! There's a food truck, a library, a toy store, a house, a tree with an owl, a girl flying a kite and more! I am so excited to play with this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Q.jpeg
Sarah Q. - 4th Grade
used papers from old math assignments that would usually be recycled, but I reused them to create “Reesy”. Reesy is my butterfly that represents the beauty in nature and keeping our earth lovely.
Scarlett S.jpg
Scarlett S. - 4th Grade
Earth is the #1 planet & is wearing a party hat. Made with recycled cardboard, candy wrappers, and a plastic lid.
Ellie H.jpeg
Ellie H. - 2nd Grade
I used recycled materials to make a bird feeder. I modge podge’d tissue paper to a plastic water bottle. Repurposing materials and taking care of the animals.
Abbey H.jpeg
Abbey H. - 4th Grade
I used a recycled can and an egg carton to make a vase and flowers for Spring!
Adalynn O.jpeg
Cade S.jpg
Cade S. - 2nd Grade
Happy Earth Day!
Adrik F2.jpg
Adrik F.jpg
Adrik F. - 1st Grade
 Una mochila de cohete
(A Rocket Backpack)
Adalynn O. - 2nd Grade
Crayon box
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