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2021-2022 News

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We are back with school supply packs! This service provided by your BHE PTA simplifies the supply shopping experience. By ordering your EPI School Supply Pack you can save time and money. Each pack will be placed in your child's 2022-2023 homeroom class in time for Meet the Teacher.

Prices will go up after May 30, 2022 however ordering will be available until June 26, 2022.

Again, this is just something your PTA does to help out our families. This is not a fundraiser.


At Bedford Heights Elementary, we pride ourselves in providing positive and enriching experiences for our students, faculty and staff, however, we cannot accomplish this without many hearts and hands working together! Please consider volunteering at the school, even if all you have is 30 minutes...there is no amount of time that is too small or unappreciated. We have many opportunities for you to assist the school and PTA.
Simply complete this form or click on "BHE Volunteer Opportunities" and a PTA Representative will contact you! The PTA thanks you in advance for considering a volunteer position at Bedford Heights Elementary!


Bedford Heights PTA does so much for our children!


Did you know our PTA provides:

  • A field trip for every student

  • Daily kindergarten snacks & an emergency lunch/snack fund

  • Scholarship each year to a former BHE student

  • Birthday dessert, pencil & button for every student

  • Class parties

  • Costumes and supplies for grade level programs & events

  • Award recognition for various activities

  • Arts in Education activities

  • Numerous luncheons for the teachers throughout the year and each teacher is honored on their birthday

Plus fundraising efforts for school gifts including:

  • Canopy over the playground

  • Digital marquee outside of the school

  • New sound system

  • Painted sidewalk and blacktop games

  • Assistance in purchasing the awning in front of the school


PTA also hosts numerous events such as:


  • Fall Carnival

  • PTA Welcome Breakfast & Dinner

  • Generations Day

  • Pancake Breakfast & Santa Workshop

  • Santa USA Penny Drive

  • Family Reading Night

  • Field Day Snacks & Activities



Please keep in mind, that just because you decide to join PTA does not mean you have to be a volunteer. PTA membership indicates you support the PTA in our efforts to make our school a better place for our children.

Visit https://www.joinpta.org/ to join today!

All volunteers in the H-E-B ISD have to have an annual background check completed.  Background checks for all of our volunteers need to be done using the current, more comprehensive system.




Parents that are interested in being a chaperone on their child’s field trip should complete one of the Volunteer Background Checks.  Only parents that have current Background Checks will be eligible for the drawings to be a grade level chaperone for a field trip!


Clothes BIN at BHE

Educational Clothing & Shoes Recycling Initiative


Bedford Heights Elementary School and Clothes Bin® have partnered to collect and recycle old clothing, shoes and textiles! So, please do not throw them away! Just place the items in the green recycling bin in our parking lot.  Every pound of recycled items supports our school! 

Below is a list of items that can be placed in our bin:

  • Clothing:  pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, suits, shorts, shirts, tees, tanks

  • Footwear:  shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, socks, tights 

  • Undergarments:  bras, underwear, slips, camisoles 

  • Accessories:  hats, belts, ties, scarves, headbands 

  • Handbags:  wallets, totes, luggage, backpacks, briefcases 

  • Linens:  towels, sheets, comforters, blankets, tablecloths



  • All clothing, shoes & textiles are mandated by the state to be recycled along with items we are used to recycling such as bottles, cans, plastics, cardboard and newspapers.

  • 85% OF CLOTHING & TEXTILES ARE DISCARDED INTO LANDFILLS! (source: 2012 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Facts & Figures).




Textiles include items made from cloth or artificial fabric, like vinyl. Nearly all textiles can be recycled, such as:


  • CLOTHING: Pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, suits, shorts, shirts, tees, tanks

  • OUTERWEAR: Coats, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves

  • FOOTWEAR: Shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, socks, tights

  • UNDERGARMENTS: Bras, underwear, slips, camisoles

  • ACCESSORIES: Hats, belts, ties, scarves, headbands

  • HANDBAGS: Wallets, totes, luggage, backpacks, briefcases

  • LINENS: Towels, sheets, comforters, blankets, tablecloths




  • Electronic sensors monitor bin fill levels to avoid overflow

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Clear Air Preservation

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

  • Water Conservation

  • Woodland Conservation

  • Reuse Clothing & Accessories

As you clean out the old and bring in the new, you can help the environment and Bedford Heights Elementary too! 

Access to Daily Grades

The ability to monitor a student’s grades and any assignment information can now be securely viewed from an Internet Browser at home or office through our Grade Access feature.  This secured access requires an Internet connection and a confidential user name and password issued to the parent/guardian by the school.


An additional feature is an e-mail notification system.  Parents have the flexibility of choosing which report or notifications they would like to receive and how often they would like to receive them.

We hope you take advantage of another way to help with your child’s academic success.


We ask that all interested parents come to the Bedford Heights office to sign-up.


** Grade Access is not available to families of Kindergarten or 1st grade students due to the unique report cards and grading in those grade levels.

Dads Club

If you are a dad or that special male in your Bulldog’s family, the Bedford Heights’ Dad's Club would like you to be a part of the group that is dedicated to helping make our school even better for everyone.


The Dad's Club is looking to make a difference by demonstrating to the children that males can also be a positive influence at an elementary school. Plans include being morning and afternoon greeters, being organized for events to function as a go-to team for heavy labor, and even offer their handyman services for various projects around the school!


Details can be obtained by e-mailing your name to bhe.dadsclub@gmail.com

or fill out this form. 


You can also find us on Facebook!


Your participation would be greatly welcomed!

HEB ISD Family Support Services

Are you in a transitional living situation due to financial hardship or loss of housing?  Are you doubled up with friends and family, living in a hotel or motel, living in a shelter, or living in a car or unsheltered space?


There are services to help you!  Call HEB ISD Family Support Services at (817) 399-3470.