Have you joined our PTA?


Bedford Heights PTA does so much for our children.

Did you know our PTA provides:


A field trip for every student
Daily kindergarten snacks & an emergency lunch/snack fund
Scholarship each year to a former BHE student

Birthday dessert, pencil & button for every student

Class parties

Costumes and Supplies for Grade Level Programs & Events

Award Recognition for Various Activities

Arts in Education Activities

Assisted in the purchase of the awning in front of the school

Purchased the canopy over the playground and Digital sign outside the school and a the new sound system
Host to numerous luncheons for the teachers throughout the year and each teacher is honored on their birthday

Host to numerous events during the school year that include:

- Fall Carnival

- PTA Welcome Breakfast & Dinner

- Generation Day

- Pancake Breakfast & Santa Workshop

- Santa USA Penny Drive

- Family Reading Night

- Field Day Snacks & Activities


Please keep in mind, that just because you decide to join PTA does not mean you have to be a volunteer. PTA membership indicates you support the PTA in our efforts to make our school a better place for our children.

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Who can become a member?

Anyone! Dads, moms, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, businesses and other community members.


How much does membership cost?

$7.00 per individual member.


What do I get with my membership?

Your membership supports the National, State and Local Parent Teacher Association. As a PTA member, you have voting priviledges at the general meetings. You also receive numerous discounts and special rates.

Just by joining our PTA, you will be eligible for discounts from these businesses:


If I join, do I have to attend meetings?

No, you are not obligated to attend meetings. Everyone is invited and welcome to attend.


Do I need to purchase a PTA membership every year?

Yes. A membership is valid for one full school year.


How do I join?

Submit this form along with your cash or check payment to the school office.